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Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
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Coachmen Freedom Express

Freedom Express travel trailers by Coachmen offer a perfect blend of luxury, affordability, and versatility. 

Designed for easy towing by midsize SUVs and half-ton vehicles, these ultra-lite trailers are built with top-selling floorplans that cater to a variety of camping needs. 

Home Wherever You Roam

Experience the ultimate in lightweight luxury with the Freedom Express Ultra Lite travel trailers by Coachmen. These trailers combine top-selling floorplans with affordability, making them an ideal choice for modern adventurers. Designed to be towed by midsize SUVs and half-ton vehicles, the Freedom Express Ultra Lite boasts vacuum-bond laminated sidewalls and durable Lami-Lux 1000® fiberglass exteriors backed with Azdel, ensuring long-lasting durability and comfort. 

With models ranging from 18′ to 28′, there’s a perfect fit for every traveler, whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure or a family road trip. Enjoy the perfect balance of luxury and practicality with Freedom Express Ultra Lite, where every journey feels like home.


Types of Freedom Express Travel Trailer

Freedom Express Ultra Lite offers a range of models, each designed to balance lightweight construction with essential features, ensuring versatility and comfort for every adventure.

Freedom Express Ultra Lite

These models offer spacious luxury without the extra weight. These RVs are designed for easy towing and maximum comfort, making your adventures effortless and enjoyable.

Models: 259FKDS | 294BHDS | 257BHS | 226RBS

Latest Coachmen Freedom Express Inventory

What People Love About Coachmen

“Love the small length to park anywhere, love the big capacities of the tanks, love that the bed can fold and the rear door.”

Veronique P.

“2021 Apex Nano 185BH has been a great all around camper. 7,000 plus miles of adventures in it so far!”

Jason N.

“Our Apex Nano 194BHS was the perfect size camper for our 6500 mile adventure. It’s small enough to make it super versatile but when you let the slide out, it provide plenty of room for our family of 4.”

Jason L.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

The Freedom Express Ultra Lite series combines lightweight luxury with top-selling floorplans, making it affordable and easy to tow with midsize SUVs and half-ton vehicles. These trailers feature vacuum-bond laminated sidewalls and Lami-Lux 1000® fiberglass exteriors backed with Azdel for durability and longevity.

The Ultra Lite series focuses on lightweight design and affordability with models ranging from 18’ to 28’. The Liberty Edition, however, offers a more comprehensive package with models from 28’ to 35’, including additional conveniences like a Power Package for easy setup and a Coleman® Perfect Flow camp grill.

The Freedom Express trailers’ aerodynamic design, combined with the exclusive Stable-Ryd™ spread axle design, enhances towing stability and fuel efficiency, making for a smoother and safer towing experience.

Yes, the Freedom Express Toy Haulers provide a flexible solution with fold-up sofas, power vertical glide beds, and numerous tie-down points, offering dual-purpose space for both living and hauling toys.

These trailers use vacuum-bond laminated sidewalls with Lami-Lux 1000® fiberglass exteriors and Azdel backing. This combination ensures a durable and long-lasting exterior, resistant to delamination and weather elements.

Freedom Express offers a variety of models ranging from 18’ to 35’ with numerous floorplans. Whether you need a compact trailer for solo trips or a larger one for family vacations, there’s a model to fit your style and requirements.

The Liberty Edition includes a complete Power Package for push-button setup, a Coleman® Perfect Flow camp grill, and other consumer-inspired conveniences that enhance the camping experience. This series also provides more space with models up to 35’ in length.

Yes, the Freedom Express Liberty Edition and larger Ultra Lite models are ideal for extended family vacations, offering more space and amenities to ensure comfort for longer trips.

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