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5 Ways to Get the Most out of your RV Kitchen.

Last updated: 10 October 2023

The RV kitchen can be a magnificent sight to behold, the epitome of organization and productivity. Unless, of course, it isn’t. Fortunately, this week’s Rosman RV Blog gives you the ultimate guide to getting the most out of your RV Kitchen:


Spice Rack: Spice jars are inconveniently shaped as to roll around and make a mess. This sort of behavior from your condiments just isn’t going to work so you’re going to need to get a spice rack before your paprika smashes and explodes a spicy cloud of yumminess all over your upholstery.

Disposable Aluminum Pans: Cheap, recyclable, and awesome. These pans come in a variety of sizes and are ideal when it comes to camping and RVing. You can also use them to cook over an open fire. Sauteed mushrooms with your burger? Done!

Utensils & Plates: If you’re eating outdoors, paper plates are easily disposable and saves you having to do too many dishes. Also useful with children who have a tendency to break stuff. There are a lot of great high-quality plastic products too that will make your RV lifestyle all that much easier. However, when it comes to wine, always a good idea to have a glass handy. For whatever reason, wine does not taste good when drank out of plastic.

Ziploc Bags & Containers: Need to marinate meat? Store baking supplies already separated into correct quantities? Use it to freeze leftovers? Ziplock is your friend.

Coffee maker: If you’re a caffeine infused individual, you’ll need a coffee maker. Something sturdy and reliable so don’t cheap out too much. We recommend staying away from the machines that require a pod or other such piece as they can become costly and increases your waste. Embrace your java fix!

Rice Cooker: Rice Cookers come in all shapes and sizes so it’s not too difficult to find a travel one. It’s easily storable and helps make meal accompaniments a breeze.

Crockpot: If you’re going to be spending a day driving, there’s nothing better than a crockpot. Prep your meal in the morning, plug it in, place your crockpot in the sink, and off you go. Your RV will smell yummy and you’ll have a meal waiting for you at the end of the day. If you’re already at a campground, spend some time in the morning to prep, and then get on with your daily activities without having to worry about dinner.

Bread Machine: Take or leave this one but there’s something to be said for the smell of fresh bread in the morning.


RV’s move and they have working brakes (if your brakes aren’t working, contact our service department at 1-800-667-0024). These two things, movement and brakes, working together, can result in kitchen items coming loose and making a terrible mess. Always remember to place heavy items in lower cabinets to avoid such disasters.


Whether at home or at your home on wheels, fire safety is important. Make sure everyone you’re travelling with knows where the fire extinguisher is. It’s also important to know how to use it. 


Before filling your fridge, set the temperature to 40° Fahrenheit. The fridge should already be chilled before you start loading it. Bacteria has a heck of a time growing in cold temperatures so make sure your fridge temperature is always between 35°-40°. Opening and closing your fridge results in cooler air being lost. If you’re going to use the fridge for soda/drinks/etc. and will be in and out often, probably better to use a cooler chest for those items.


When it comes to stocking up your RV, people generally get a little space crazy and feel they must fill every single corner. What you have to remember is that more weight equals greater fuel consumption and if you’re travelling on a budget, that extra blender/toaster/rice-maker can start to eat into your budget. If you’re a beginner when it comes to RVing, chances are you don’t know what you need yet. Treat every trip as a learning experience to help you figure out what you need. Or, alternately, print out this handy checklist courtesy of RV and The Camping Journal.

Happy travels!

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