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Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
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Top 6 Reasons to Retire to an RV.

Last updated: 25 August 2023

Retirement brings about a new chapter in your life that allows you to try things you didn’t have the opportunity to do before, visit new places, meet new people, and take advantage of a life free from the responsibilities of work. By retiring to an RV lifestyle the possibilities are endless.

Here are six reasons why you should retire to an RV:

1. Your House on the Move
Travelling can be stressful. Plane tickets, hauling luggage, packing, unpacking, re­packing, hotels, etc. RV’s don’t come with the same hassle. Everything is already there for you. No unfamiliar mattresses, weird bathrooms, or unruly neighbours you can’t get away from. Looking for a change of view? Just move on to another place. Go where it’s hot in the winter, go where it’s cool in the summer. And at the end of the day, relax in your very own living room!

2. Less Cleaning, No Grass
Say goodbye to yardwork! Mother nature is now your backyard and it self­maintains nicely with no need for cutting grass or trimming bushes. You also now only have few hundred square feet to clean instead of an entire house.

3. Stay Active
It’s scientifically proven that staying active improves your quality of life. Living out of your RV offers many ways to stay active both physically and mentally. Take the bikes with you, go hiking, or swim in that ocean or lake that you’re conveniently parked next to!

4. Live on a Budget
No property taxes, no mortgage, no rent. An RV is a lot less expensive to live in than a house and offers you flexibility that’s invaluable. You can purchase groceries and cook in your RV or at campgrounds to save on eating out. You can also control more of your expenses when you’re RVing based on your travel and lifestyle choices.

5. Make New Friends on the Road
Most people don’t get into RVing because they want to be hermits. RVers are friendly people. Thanks to the ‘community feel’ that comes with RVing, there’s ample opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. You can also join an RV club or frequent a favourite RV resort to expand your circle of friends with like­minded individuals.

6. Visit Friends & Family
Time is now on your side. Visit your friends and relatives whenever you want. Park in their driveway or at a nearby park so you still have your own space. Whether you decide to retire to full time RVing or just as an added recreational side to your lifestyle, take full advantage of what life on the road has to offer and have fun! Don’t forget, if you purchase your RV from an RV Care affiliated dealership (like Mike Rosman RV) you instantly become part of a network of dealerships and service centres. Even if you’re on the road, you can always visit an RV Care affiliated dealership and receive the same care and level of service you’d receive at your own local dealership. Learn More

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