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Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
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The Truth About the Affordability of RVing.

Last updated: 10 October 2023

Want to be an RVer but think you can’t afford it? Think again! In this week’s Rosman RV Blog we debunk popular misconceptions about the affordability of RVing.

The myth is alive and well, how can it not be? People see these large recreational vehicles lumbering down the highways and think “wow, I wonder how much they’re spending on gas?” or “the maintenance costs on those things must be crazy!”. In fact, most non-RVers are so against the idea of RVing because they think it’ll cost too much that they don’t even bother looking at the facts.

With that in mind, let’s look at the facts . . .

MYTH #1 – Buying/Renting an RV Costs an Arm and a Leg!
The truth to this is that if you’re pulling a 40 foot coach-style fifth wheel, or are looking to purchase the same rig as Will Smith (Google it), then sure, you’re going to find yourself short a few body parts.

In actual fact, 24-30 foot motor homes, and even shorter travel trailers and 5th wheels, are able to sleep numerous people very comfortably thanks to a number of space saving features. They’re also extremely affordable, even more so if you choose to purchase a used RV.

Alternately, you could also consider renting an RV if you wanted to try it out or take a family vacation/road trip. They come fully equipped and cost anywhere from $1,000 per week with unlimited kilometres.

MYTH #2 – Hotels are Cheaper!
According to a 2014 report from, the average cost of a hotel room in Canada was between $140-$170 per night. That rate has only risen and it’s only for a single hotel room that can maybe accommodate 4 people. If you’re looking to stay in a suite or at a resort style hotel, you’re going to be paying a lot more.

With an RV you’re able to accommodate a number of people and RV campsites are extremely affordable in comparison averaging out at $35 or less per night including full hookups. You can also join RV discount clubs that offer 10-15% off participating campsites.

MYTH #3 – The Fuel Costs in an RV are Extortionate!
Gas prices are high everywhere so this is a legitimate claim to make. But the actual costs associated with RVing aren’t all that bad. If you’re driving a big 40 foot motorhome, then sure, you’re going to be paying at the pump for something of that size and weight. But if you’re hauling a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or camper, the extra gas costs are going to be minimal compared to whatever you’re already spending on your vehicle. Most RVs are specially built to be lightweight so as not to add too many extra pounds.

MYTH #4 – RVing Limits Where You Can Go!
Okay, so if you’re planning on going to Europe, you’re absolutely correct, your RV will not get you there. Unless you have some new fangled RV that doubles as a boat/plane. However, if you’re not James Bond, then your RV travel life will be directed at North America. Fortunately, there’s practically nowhere you can’t go with an RV in the US and Canada. Ferries support RVs if you want to reach any of the islands and highways and roadways are made with larger vehicles in mind. There are no limits and you can even save money on hotels along the way. There’s nothing like hopping in the RV with the family and heading to Disneyland for example!


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