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7 Scary Movies to Avoid While Camping.

Last updated: 21 September 2023

Halloween is just around the corner! And thanks to glamping and the ability to carry a tiny TV set in your pocket wherever you go, there’s plenty of opportunity to take in a scary movie while RVing and camping. In fact, when darkness falls and the campfire begins to sputter out, there’s no better time to take in a scary movie. Of course, that’s only if you’re not planning on sleeping.

In this week’s blog we highlight 7 scary movies you might want to avoid while camping . . . or, if you’re a brave soul who isn’t easily shook, maybe turn off the flashlight, turn up the volume and sit back and enjoy one of these little gems. What’s that noise outside your travel trailer? Probably nothing . . .


The godfather of found footage movies has to top our list because, thanks to a very smart marketing campaign, the entire nation actually believed the footage contained in the movie was real for several weeks after the release of the movie. The film follows a group of film students as they investigate the legend of the Blair Witch and get more than they bargain for. Scary sounds in the night and bizarre stick figures round out the creep factor in this perfect example of a truly scary horror movie.

2) FRIDAY THE 13TH (1980)

The oldest entry on this list is still one of the very best. Although it’s been sequalized and remade several times, the original Friday the 13th chronicling the murders that take place at a lakeside summer camp still sends chills up and down the spine. While the first movie didn’t feature the iconic character of Jason Voorhees until the very end, that last reveal had audiences jumping out of their seat and heading for the exits.


From the brain of Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) comes a classic horror trope of a haunted cabin in the woods. But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Here’s a dark comedy horror that flips the whole concept on its head and even features a violent unicorn. Well worth a watch if you’re looking for a horror movie with a twist.

4) THE EVIL DEAD (1981)

Another classic horror hero icon is Bruce Campbell’s, Ash! The reluctant hero and supermarket worker turned demon killer. In this original iteration of the movie (the sequel is basically the same movie, but better), Ash and his friends head out to a cabin in the woods (seems to be a theme) and unlock a portal to another world unleashing demonic creatures. While the gore and horror is over the top, the Evil Dead is famous for its quirky humor and cheesy special effects. It’s not so much scary as it is entertaining.


Taken from classic literature and imbued with witchcraft and a very scary headless Christopher Walken, this adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy Horror features Johnny Depp as police constable Ichabod Crane as he investigates the murders of several people in upstate New York. Lots of galloping through the forest and evil cackling laughter will help keep you wide awake.

6) THE DESCENT (2005)

As if cave diving and then spelunking through cavern trails wouldn’t be scary enough, the Descent takes it one step further. This terrifying (literal) descent into the wild takes six friends underground where not only their friendships are tested, but they’re also hunted by ancient creatures. Hungry creatures. It might make you think twice before exploring anymore caves.

7) THE EDGE (1997)

While not strictly a horror movie, The Edge, starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin, has plenty of jump scares. This story of survival is constantly harrowed by a gigantic grizzly bear that hunts the heroes through the forest as they try to make it back to civilization. If you’re camping anywhere near where there might be bears, you might want to give this one a miss.

Lessons to be learned from this collection of horror movies:

  • Don’t stay in a cabin in the woods (we suggest an RV)
  • Don’t get lost in the wilderness
  • Don’t work at a summer camp called Crystal Lake
  • If there’s a legend about a serial killer, witch, or mysterious creature associated with the place you’re going to be camping . . . camp elsewhere.

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