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6 Reasons Why You Should NOT Winterize Your RV.

Last updated: 21 September 2023

Sometimes the concept of preparing a vehicle, particularly a larger vehicle like an RV, for different seasons can seem like overkill. But like any vehicle, an RV requires certain changes between hot and cold seasons to make sure it still functions at its peak condition. Whether you’re going to be roadtripping through the snowy months, or parking up the RV for the winter, it’s important that your RV is ready to face the elements.

However, if you believe this whole winterization thing is just a bunch of malarkey, here are some fantastic reasons as to why you shouldn’t bother winterizing your RV:

#1 – You’d Like an Indoor Pool in Your RV

In the winter, if not properly treated and prepped, your water pipes are at risk of bursting. On the upside, if you’ve ever wanted to splash around inside your RV, now’s your chance.

#2 – When Summer Comes Back Around, You’re Planning on Roughing it With No Power

When batteries are left over the winter, they tend to lose their charge and can become corrupted due to the cold. Fortunately, if you’re planning on truly roughing it and didn’t really use that microwave in your RV all that much anyway, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

#3 – You Like an RV with Holes in It

If you don’t care for the exterior of your RV, the winter elements can be harsh. Small cracks can become big cracks, which can become holes. On the brightside, lots of extra ventilation in the summer, nice small places for insects and wildlife to set up shop, AND your RV might even make an annoying whistling sound as you speed on down the highway.

#4 – The Smell of Mildew Makes You Happy

There’s truly nothing like the smell of rotting fabric in the early morning. Which is exactly what could happen to your RV awning if it’s not cared for. But if you love that smell, then there’s nothing to worry about.

#5 – You Like Your RV Doors to Sound Like Something Out of a Horror Movie

Those creaking door sounds you hear in horror movies right before someone gets chased up a set of stairs to their impending doom? Your RV can sound like that too! All you need to do is not take care of your hinges and locks throughout the winter. Voila! Instant creepiness!

#6 – You Believe Your RV is Actually an Evil Robot

Understandably if you’re laboring under the suspicion that your RV is actually an alien robot from a distant world hellbent on destroying the human race, your determination to kill it by freezing it to death actually makes sense. If this is truly the case, you can go ahead and skip the winterization.

But seriously, folks, winterizing your RV is important! Your safety and the upkeep of your RV is important. That’s why we offer great winterization packages at Mike Rosman RV. Contact our service department to book your winterization appointment today! – 250-545-1611


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