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Full-Time RVing: The Ultimate Pro/Con List.

Last updated: 10 October 2023

Long stretches of nothing but road and you and your significant other having the time of your life RVing—sound too good to be true? It might be, RVing full-time is a big commitment, and while the ability to go almost anywhere at any time sounds like true freedom, you are living out of a sizeable, lumbering vehicle. So what do you gain, what do you lose, and most importantly, is it worth it?

Let’s break it down and find out . . .


Go Anywhere
Typical cars are limited by their small storage space, but not you and your RV! You are literally bringing everything and the kitchen sink with you. Want to go to the Grand Canyon tomorrow? You can do that. Want to go to Mexico for the winter? You can do that. Want to go to see the world’s largest man wearing a sombrero? Sure, why not, you can do that too; this is the biggest freedom of RVing full-time.

Meeting All Kinds of Awesome People
If you’re stopping at places all over, you’re bound to meet tons of people. Of course, there are sure to be at least a few weirdos you meet, but you have the chance to talk to and create memorable experiences from meeting some truly incredible people. You’ll be able to create communities for yourself no matter the destination.

Work From Anywhere
If you’re not doing this as a retirement plan, and instead as part of your life, you could always find a way to work from a beach. Not your speed? Drive to a calm section of a forested area, set-up shop, and work in a calm environment surrounded by nothing but the sounds of nature. And if you need a break from work you can always drive to a place where you can go swimming or relax without being too far from home.

Bond With Your Significant Other
No matter who it is, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your significant other in close proximity. So while you’ll definitely have to endure each other’s annoying quirks at some point, you’ll also be able to do incredible things and visit amazing locations with them each and every day. You’re in this together; you’ll get the opportunity to make memories and have experiences most people in relationships will never get the chance to do.


You’ll Constantly Be Repairing Your Home
All roads aren’t perfectly smooth paths, and depending on how much off-roading you end up doing, you’ll be putting your home through a lot of wear and tear. Constant maintenance will be a big part of your life. If your home breaks down, you’re hooped until it’s fixed.  If you’re lucky enough to be an RV Care member (having purchased your RV from an RV Care Associated Dealer, like Rosman RV) then you’ll receive priority service at over 200 RV dealerships across North America.

Your Budget Month-To-Month Will Vary Drastically
Since you’re going to be going all over the map, so will your expenses. Some campgrounds will be cheaper than others, and how often you decide to eat in or go out for food will also have a large impact on your budget. Keep this in mind when planning for each destination.

It Will Be Harder To Maintain Connections
When you live in one place it makes it easier to visit friends and family, especially since you can plan to work around other people’s schedules. However, RVing full-time means you might only be in town a couple times a year, and those times may not work out for your friends or family.

Safety Becomes Significantly More Important
Houses may be vulnerable to theft of specific valuables, but living out of an RV means your home has the potential to be completely stolen at any time. Any items you’ve worked hard to keep safe can all be gone if your RV isn’t secure enough or someone manages to break into it. Be careful and be sure to take all the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening.

Ultimately, RVing full-time comes down to multiple factors including financial stability, the ability to handle pressure, and if you have a great relationship with your significant other. You can still get enjoyment from RV-ing part time if you just like to go to a few places a year, but it takes a certain kind of person to truly enjoy (and be able to manage) life on the open road.


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