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7 Places You Should Never Ever Go RVing.

Last updated: 6 June 2023

Fortunately, if you’re in Canada, this list won’t affect you at all at the moment as all the places are in the US. However, it’s good to be aware of when the borders reopen. Everyone says you can RV anywhere, and this is mostly true. But there are a few exceptions, particularly if you enjoy a) a functioning RV and b) your life.

Here are the 7 places you never want to take your RV:

1) Downtown San Francisco, California

You’ve undoubtedly seen downtown San Francisco featured in a movie car chase at some point so you may have some idea as to why an RV would be a bad idea. The roads are angled at a very steep grade that would be a challenge for any RV. Specifically, avoid Filbert St, Coit Tower, and Lombard St. Even better, just park the RV on the outskirts and drive into downtown.

2) New York City, New York

Navigation around New York City is not a big deal. In fact it’s set up very easy with streets and avenues intersecting and everything being conveniently numbered by blocks. However, don’t let the navigational convenience fool you. The streets themselves are heavily crowded and will make for an incredibly slow crawl through the city. Better to park the RV in New Jersey and take the train into the city.

3) State Route 1, California

It’s a beautifully scenic road, but you don’t want to take your RV down there. State Route 1 runs along the California coastline, although ‘runs’ may be the wrong word. The road twists and turns, features steep drop offs, and is often encumbered with falling rocks. Because of how much you’ll have to slow down, you’ll also be sending California drivers into fits of road rage.

4) Death Valley, California

If you’ve ever seen The Hills Have Eyes (don’t it’s terrifying), you’ll know to avoid remote desert areas. But mutated mining folk are actually the least of your worries in Death Valley. Temperatures can get as high as 55 degrees in the summer and hook ups are not readily available which means A/C is out of the question. Also, potential mutated mining folks.

5) Dalton Highway, Alaska

Alaska is known for its nice roads. Dalton highway is the exception. Used primarily by commercial trucks, the highway twists and turns for over 400 miles. It’s considered to be so dangerous that twice a day a helicopter flies the length of the highway looking for accidents.

6) Interstate 90, Chicago

Chicago is a beautiful city with amazing architecture and cultural communities. However, Interstate 90 leading to O’Hare International Airport is considered to be one of the worst bottleneck highways in the US. In 2015 it reportedly cost drivers over 16 million hours of wasted time. Maybe consider picking a different route through the windy city.

7) Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park

Sure, this picturesque route at Glacier National Park is well worth a visit. It just won’t accommodate your RV. Trailers over 21 feet are actually banned due to the elevation and winding roads. In addition, the road is closed most of the year due to snow. The best thing to do is park the RV at a lower elevation campground and take a small vehicle to explore the road and see the sights.

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