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Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
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Working Remotely from Your RV.

Last updated: 2 June 2023

Since it looks like so many of us are going to be working remotely for the foreseeable future, isn’t it a great time to consider working as remotely as possible?

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you have to stay in your home. As long as you’re reachable by your employer, you should be able to work from anywhere!

So why not surround yourself with the wonders of nature while earning your paycheck? Hop in the RV and hit the road!


There are a few things to take into consideration if you plan to work remotely from your RV. Likely the most important thing will be connectivity. You can’t say you’re working remotely if no one can get in touch with you via the phone or internet. This is where wifi hotspots become your best friend.

So many campgrounds and other businesses offer free wifi to customers, but you’ll need to be connected all the time to justify working from the RV. This is where spending the money to get a booster for your rig will come in handy. They can be pricey, but it’s worth it to have reliable internet while working in the great outdoors. It will also help to check out which campsites offer wifi and plan your route accordingly.


The next important part of working from the RV is having a designated workspace. Just like working from home, you’ll need a specific area to do your work so you can actually get said work done. As much as we’d all love to work from the comfort of our beds, you might spend more time napping than working, which might make your boss a little unhappy. So set up a work area either inside the RV or, if the weather permits, a nice place outside.


Another thing to consider when working in the RV is how much time do you actually want to spend travelling and setting up your rig? As much as RVers may want to only spend a few days in each place before moving on, you’ll likely be more productive in your remote work if you stay put for a length of time. So consider finding a place you’ll want to spend your working hours and save the travel for your days off.


And just because you’ve got the ability to work remotely, doesn’t mean that you should spend all your time working. You may feel obligated to work longer because you’re not in your office, but make sure to maintain a work/life balance. Close your laptop once work is done for the day and go for a hike or a swim. Save those work emails for when you’re not enjoying a nice campfire.

And lastly, the most important thing to remember: clear it with your boss. Some employers may not like the idea of their employees supposedly not being reachable, but if your boss allows it, or if you can promise you’re not just heading out to slack off, working from the RV may just become the new normal.

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