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Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
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The Key to a Comfortable RV Camping Experience.

Last updated: 11 May 2023

For some folks, camping is all about roughing it and leaving the comforts of home at home. For everyone else who still likes to sleep without having rocks digging into their back, here’s some ways to make your RV camping experience as comfortable as possible.

1) Get a Good Mattress
It’s hard to enjoy your camping experience when you can’t sleep due to the hard/lumpy/thin mattress in the RV. Replace it with a thicker or softer (or however you best sleep) mattress that fits how you sleep.

2) Good Quality Bedding
While we’re on the subject, make sure you bring comfortable bedding and linens with you. Even if you’ve changed the mattress, it’ll still be hard to sleep with scratchy sheets and thin pillows and blankets. Get some good quality bedding that you would be happy sleeping in at home. Might as well be as cozy as possible, right?

3) Comfy Chairs
When you’re not trying to catch some Z’s, you’ll still want to be comfortable while you’re relaxing. Invest in high quality camp chairs. You’ll want one that’s going to last a long time and not be digging into your legs or back. Many are made with extra padding to make them a great place to enjoy a night around the campfire.

4) Hangin’ In a Hammock
If you really want to up your relaxation game, find a pair of trees and hang up a hammock on your campsite. These can vary from just a place to lounge and read a book to an actual off-ground sleeping space, so pick one that works for your needs. Everyone will be clamouring for this spot, so maybe consider having more than one if you have enough trees?

5) Safe for Feet
Aside from the creature comforts of home, there are a few ways to make your whole site more comfortable. Consider using a good quality mat for just outside the door to provide a soft place to take off or put on shoes. No one wants rocks digging into their feet.

6) Campfire Feels
As we move into the hotter months, the risk of fire restrictions go up, and with it bans on the best part of camping: the campfire. If you want to ensure you can have a fire regardless of any restrictions, look into getting a portable propane fire pit. They can often be used during bans and are easy to transport from site to site.

No matter the creature comforts you’re looking for, the helpful folks in our parts and accessories departments can help get you kitted out for maximum comfort. Call 250-545-1611 to inquire, or visit our website to browse our online accessories catalogue.

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