Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
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Thing to Consider When Trading in Your Old RV.

Last updated: 11 May 2023

So the time has finally come. After all the kilometres driven, campsites visited, and nights sleeping under the stars, it’s time to trade in your RV and let someone else enjoy your rig. Whether it’s because you’ve outgrown your RV, want to downsize, or you just want one with more bells and whistles, there’s a few things to consider to get the most out of your trade-in. How well maintained is your current RV? Were any issues properly fixed, or just patched up? RVs that are well cared for and proper maintenance done will benefit you in the long run when trade-in time comes. Depending on what needs fixing, if it’s worth the cost to repair it, do it. Simple fixes like door latches, window sliders, or small leaks can only work in your favour. Along with the maintenance, there’s another thing to consider: how clean is your RV? Your RV should be showroom clean when you bring it to the lot for trade-in, no matter how old it is. Scrub the entire inside from top to bottom, as grime and dust bunnies are not great selling features. Pay close attention to the bathroom and kitchen areas, as these tend to be the messiest areas of the RV. Once the RV is sparkling, then you can bring it in. Another thing to consider is how much is your RV actually worth? Some folks tend to think it’s worth far more than it really is, so temper your expectations accordingly. Make sure you check out the National Automobile Dealers’ Association website to find out how much your RV is actually worth based on the age and condition of your rig. And be honest with yourself about the condition. Put yourself in the position of the buyer and really consider if you’d purchase it in the condition it’s in for the price you’re thinking. If you feel like you’re ready to take that next step, Rosman RV wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get a new, or new-to-you, RV. So right now, we’re accepting anything you want to trade in towards the purchase of an RV. Trade in your current RV, car, an old ATV – anything you have of value, we will accept it. Owner Mike Rosman once even accepted a goat as a trade-in, so really, the sky’s the limit! Visit to find out more.

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