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Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
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Planning Your RV Season – All the Accessories You Will Need for the Best Season Yet.

Last updated: 8 May 2023

Planning Your RV Season – All the Accessories You Will Need for the Best Season Yet

Your RV season is just around the corner, and now is the best time to order the accessories you need to enhance your RVing experience. We’ve collected a list of accessories that might interest you. We’ve separated the list of possible accessories into five categories for you. 

The categories are: 

  1. Electronic Requirements
  2. Kitchen Basics
  3. Outdoor Conveniences
  4. RV Enhancements
  5. Safety Necessities.

Electronic Requirements

Bluetooth Speaker – for podcasts, music, streaming movies, and chat sessions.
Cellular Amplifier – boosts your cellular signal, so you’re rarely without it.
Charging Station – keep a power station handy to charge all your electronic devices.
Dog Bone Adaptor – a plug to allow your RV to connect with varying types of power sources; this is essential for those important connections.
Surge Protector – regulate your flow of electricity to prevent shorted sockets.

Kitchen Basics
Can Opener – a necessity for your non-perishable items.
Cast Iron Pan – offering must-have heat retention for outdoor cooking and versatile from campfire to the stovetop. 
Flat Top Griddle – makes for easy cooking on your double-burner camp stove.
Multitool – get one with all the bells and whistles for your cutlery drawer.
Stackable Dishes and Collapsible Bowls – to conserve precious storage space.
Stainless Steel Coffee Mug – get one with a lid to insulate your favourite hot beverage.
Stainless Steel Wine Glasses – unbreakable is the key and easy to wash.
Single-serve Coffee Maker – takes less time and makes less waste.
Water Jug Water Pump – attach to your 5-gallon jug and enjoy the versatility.
Water Purifier – quickly removes all pathogens from any freshwater source.
Wine Bottle Opener – just in case that great-looking bottle you bought has a cork.

Outdoor Conveniences 
Camping Pillow – think smaller than regular and handy for storage.
Folding Wine Bag – replaces glass bottles and folds up tiny after use.
Gravity Chairs – for relaxing moments to raise your feet after long hikes.
Hammock – the ultimate in relaxing comfort.
Manual Coffee Brewer – makes coffee without electricity. 
Outdoor Portable Pizza Oven – absolutely nothing makes pizza better; luxury at its finest. You will be the most popular site on the campground. 
Outdoor Solar Lantern – just set it out during the day, and you’ll have plenty of light overnight.
Portable Ice Machine – a countertop model that can make ice in under 10 minutes.
Portable LED Light and Fan – a small one takes care of the heat and runs for many hours.
Rechargeable Hand Warmers – a must-have for cooler season RVing.
Tick Removal Tool – essential for your pets, but it is useful for humans.

RV Enhancements
Battery Jumper – not just the cables, but a portable jump starter for your independence.
Combination or Key Lock – to improve your RV door security.
Cordless Drill – to lessen your set-up and tear-down time.
In-line Water Filter – ensures you always have safe, clean, and nice-tasting water.
Level Mate – use its APP and your phone to level your RV without frustration.
Pull-out Pantry – save cupboard space and have a dedicated spot for dried goods.
RV Chocks – equipment to keep your RV from rolling away and for leveling.
Separate Hoses – to fill and empty your RV water and sewage tanks.
Sewer Hose Rinser – get the best quality to keep this hose clean. 
Slide-outs – extend from your walls and create more space.
Water Pressure Regulator – regulates your flow of water to prevent burst pipes.
Window Coverings – for privacy and light canceling.
Wireless RV Backup Camera – reduces a lot of stress in maneuvering your RV.

Safety Necessities
2-Way Radios – handy for communication at a distance, like backing up your RV or hiking.
Air Compressor – to top up your tires or those lake floaties.
Car Escape Tool – cuts seatbelts and breaks windows in an emergency.
Compass – a battery-free, reliable directional tool.
Dog Collar with Tracking – let your pets experience freedom without worry.
Fire Extinguisher – keep handy in the kitchen where most RV fires start.
Firestarter Tool – circumvent the hassle of wet matches. 
First-aid Kit – pack bandages, ointments, medications, tweezers, small scissors, and gauze.
Headlamp Flashlight – ensures your safety and convenience in the dark.
LED Flashlight – get a small, strong one for your pocket.
Spare Tire – for the inevitable.
Survival Bracelet – easily portable with a built-in compass, fire starter, whistle, knife, and cord.
Tool Kit – road repairs require screwdrivers, nuts, bolts, hammer, wrenches, and spare bulbs.
Tire Pressure Gauge – a tool to check the condition of your tires.
Tire Pressure Monitoring System – keeps track of the condition of your tires for you.
Tire Repair Kit – for more minor repairs.

We hope this helps provide you with some practical ideas for accessorizing your RV in time for the start of your season of adventure. See you on the road!  

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