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Be a Better Camper with the Camper’s Code of Conduct.

Last updated: 10 October 2023

Unless you’re the type to pick a direction and wander into the middle of the woods, chances are you frequent campsites, be it high-density sites where you’re right next to your neighbour, or a more spread out park with trees separating the sites.

Either way, you’re probably going to come across others that, like you, are trying to enjoy themselves in the great outdoors. But did you know there are certain rules, both spoken and unspoken, to being a good camper? 

It’s called the Camper’s Code.

Camper’s Code: 9 rules for responsible camping

The Camper’s Code of Conduct consists of 9 easy-to-follow rules:

1. Respect others

Some people go camping and whoop it up, others go to sit back and unwind. Since both types of people are often at the same campgrounds, they need to learn to live together, at least temporarily. 

So, be a good camper and remember to adhere to the campground’s quiet hours and actually quiet down when you’re supposed to.

2. Plan ahead and be prepared

The old adage of “safety first” is so necessary when camping, no matter where you’re venturing. Always plan your trip and let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to be back. If things go sideways, they’ll be able to get you help. 

Also, make sure you’re well-prepared, not only for the activity you’re planning to do, but also for any eventuality. If you’re going hiking, don’t do the extreme trails unless you know what you’re doing.

Always pack a first aid kit, both for the RV and one to keep on your person. Make sure you’ve got the right footwear, weather-proof outdoor gear, sun protection, and lots of water, just to name a few things.

3. Control your pets

We know your dog is the goodest of good boys, but not everyone you come across at the campground is going to agree, so make sure the location you choose is pet friendly, first of all. 

Keep your dog on a leash where it’s required, and make sure your dog doesn’t disturb other campers or wildlife; the last thing you want is complaints because your dog won’t stop barking.

4. Be fire smart

We all know one of the best parts of camping is sitting around the campfire, but those lovely little fires can burn down half the province if you’re not careful!

As much as it’s a bummer, respect any and all fire bans, they’re in place for a reason. Never leave a fire unattended, and if you’re leaving the area for any length of time, put the fire out before you go and make sure it’s actually out (and not smouldering and cool to the touch because those sparks can get away from you quickly!).

5. Don’t litter: 

This should be a given, but some people do need a reminder—put your trash in the appropriate bin. Don’t leave it on the trail, don’t toss it in the fire. Throw it out.

6. Take only photos 

As much as it may be tempting to pick up a little souvenir from the land you’re camping on, refrain from picking up that neat rock or flower. Take a photo of the object or landscape instead, they’ll last a whole lot longer than anything you may try to bring home.

7. Store food safely

Do not leave that bag of chips open on the picnic table, especially if you’re leaving your site. Leaving food out in the open can attract wildlife, and while it might be cute to have some birds pay you a visit, you’re going to have a bad time if a bear decides to do the same. Keep your food packed away in a wildlife-proof container or in a hard-sided vehicle.

8. Respect staff and signs

If a sign says Do Not Enter This Area, then do not enter that area. That goes for any sign you come across, be it no parking, no smoking, dogs on leashes, or quiet time starts at 10pm. This also goes for staff at the campground. They are there to help and should be treated respectfully.

9. Respect wildlife

When you’re out camping, it’s important to remember that while you might be on vacation, you’re still in someone’s home, namely, all of the wildlife in the area around you.

If you’re lucky enough to see some wild animals, do not approach them. Instead, stay away and use binoculars if you have them.

Another important rule is to not feed the wildlife. It not only puts you at risk, it risks the safety of the animals as well. 

Get out there and have fun!

By following these rules, you and everyone around you are sure to have an excellent camping trip. And one of the best ways to go camping is in an RV because it’s your home away from home.

If you’re curious about RV’ing, have an RV that needs service, or are looking for an RV to call your own, contact us at Mike Rosman RV today at 1-833-293-3402.


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