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Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
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Thanksgiving In the RV.

Last updated: 16 April 2024

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder, it might feel like it’s time to say farewell to another camping season. To put all that equipment away and look back fondly on another great year.

Before winterizing the RV, why not go out with one last epic weekend? Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and there’s no reason you couldn’t gather at your favourite campsite.

Sound a little…unrealistic? What with the lack of a full-sized kitchen in an RV? It might not be as unimaginable as you think. We’ve got some ideas for you to have an excellent Thanksgiving meal at your favourite campground.


The Prep

If you want to make it easier for yourself, doing as much of the prep work ahead of time will help immensely. Before you leave for your trip, pre-making your Thanksgiving dishes can help eliminate much of the heavy lifting outside without your home kitchen equipment. 

You can also begin prepping while out at your campsite; ensure you are ahead of the game to ensure you are not requiring your compact oven for various dishes.

Put a tablecloth that you can wipe down on the picnic table and use as your prep station to save counter space inside the RV. 


The Turkey

Yes, you can cook a turkey while camping! You may have to go with a smaller bird if you plan to roast it in the RV oven, but it’s still a turkey! Ensure you thaw it out entirely, and it will fit in the pan, which can also fit in the oven. Can’t find a turkey that will work? Try a chicken.

You can also look at other turkey cooking methods if you’d rather use the oven for other dishes. Slow-cooker turkey will be extra juicy, a barbecue will make it nice and smokey, and many campers swear by a deep-fried turkey. Ensure you’re safe and have a fire extinguisher nearby, especially in the latter case.


The Sides

Many sides could be made before you go and just be reheated once you’re at the campsite, but if you do Thanksgiving in the RV, you could go for it.

The campfire is right there, so why not use it? Have fire-roasted corn on the cob instead of just plain niblets. Regular and sweet potatoes are incredibly versatile and can be cooked in various ways. Try baking them in tinfoil over the campfire or grill and serve them like that, or mash them up if you must have mashed potatoes.

If you want to get things done a little quicker, bring along an Instant Pot to cook several sides one after the other—cleaning in between. Stuffing, corn, green bean casserole, potatoes, and more can be whipped up in the Instant Pot in just a few minutes. 


The Dessert

If you’re not picky about your pie, you could purchase a pumpkin pie from the store. Or support locally made by visiting a farmer’s market in the area; you can find all the homemade desserts you’ll need.

Or use that campfire again to make some s’mores! Make them more Thanksgiving-y by using pumpkin spice marshmallows instead of regular ones.


Make it Friendsgiving

And if all else fails? Make it a potluck! Invite your best RV friends and assign everyone a dish. Then, everyone can come together at an extended table and experience the season’s true meaning. 

If an RV Thanksgiving sounds like an ideal way to spend the long weekend, call us at 1-833-293-3402 or visit us. We’ll help you figure out the best way to finish that Thanksgiving dinner with the right accessories. Call us today!

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