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Hurry! The big sale of the year is here. Up to 50% off. Shop Now.
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Gift Guide for RVers.

Last updated: 14 May 2024

Man giving woman a christmas gift in front of RV

What sort of gift the RVer in your life might like this holiday season? Look no further; we have compiled a collection of must-have RV gift ideas for your favourite camping enthusiast.

Whether it’s something practical or just something cool that you’re pretty sure they wouldn’t buy for themselves, there’s a slew of RV gifts on the following list!


Practical Presents

Bungee Cords: Always a necessity when you’re essentially driving a house on wheels! Your RVer will appreciate your adding to their stash, especially if some of their cords are starting to look a little worse for wear.

Sturdy Step Ladder: You only realize how much you need a step ladder once you find yourself without one. A great solid step ladder that can hold an adult without creaking will help your RVer out in more ways than one.

Portable power station: Because your RVer might need to do just a bit of work while on the road, having a sturdy power station will allow them to fire off a few emails without drawing on the RV battery.

Collapsible kitchen supplies: With very little room and few cupboards, there is no better way to save space than utilizing collapsible items. Collapsible measuring cups, bowls, and dish tubs will stay tucked away until your RVer needs them.

Fancy Favourites

French press and coffee grinder: If your RVer is more of a drip or instant coffee person, now is a great time to introduce them to the joys of freshly ground and pressed coffee. 

Instant Pot: When space is at a premium, having an all-in-one cooker will save your RVer’s counters for more important things. They’ll be able to make soup, 

E-reader: if your RVer is the type that wants to spend the day by the lake and get lost in a good book instead of the forest, an e-reader is a great choice. They can hold hundreds of digital books and take up far less space than a whole bin of books—less weight for the rig to carry too.

Wine Tumblers: If your RVer is a bit of a ‘spilly talker’ when having a beverage, these are ideal! Stainless steel makes them easy to clean and they come with lids so there’s no worry about spilling anything anywhere.


Person using french press on wooden counter top 

Fun for Everyone

Camping Games: If they don’t already have yard games, a set of any one of these games would make for a fun evening with friends. Whether it’s Washers, Ladder Ball, Bocce, or Yardzee, any game where families can team up and have a friendly competition makes for a great time.

Indoor S’more Maker: Of course, your RVer and their family would prefer to make sweet treats on the campfire outside, but if they find themselves stuck in the RV thanks to rain, wind, or snow, they can still enjoy the chocolate marshmallow goodness of s’mores.

Hammock: Who doesn’t love laying in a hammock and letting it sway you into relaxation? You may want to get more than one in case the kids start to hog it.

Bluetooth Speaker: Have your own dance party in the great outdoors with your favorite playlists, or just set the mood with some chill vibes. Either way, music is great for background noise if you find the woods to be just a little too quiet.

Still Looking for the Right Gift? 

We can help you find the perfect present! Reach out to us at 1-833-293-3402 or visit us in person. We’ll help you make this a fantastic holiday season for your favourite RVer, call us today!

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