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Can You Use Your RV in The Winter.

Last updated: 16 April 2024

Winter means RV season is over, right? 

Wrong! So very wrong! The joy of RV camping is that you have a proper shelter that you take with you, so there’s no reason not to use your RV in winter! 

Okay, it’s not quite the same as RVing in the summer. We will admit that. But it’s still an incredible experience you won’t get if you only RV in warm weather. So, before winterizing your rig for storage, let us tell you why you should hold off on it this year.

Why go winter RVing

It’s true: winter RVing isn’t as popular as summer RVing. But that can work to your advantage. There is something so satisfying about winter camping. The adventure and thrill it brings can create a different environment for your RV lifestyle that you didn’t know you were missing. The serenity that the winter brings while out in the wilderness is spectacular, and more people could benefit from getting away from the hustle and bustle of life during the cooler months. Snow-covered trees, pristine trails, untouched frozen lakes, and warm crackling fires are a recipe for some great R & R. With the right equipment, it might be your favourite time to camp.

There are plenty of perks for cold weather camping, including getting the first pick of prime spots at your favourite campgrounds. Those same campgrounds will be less crowded than they are when the weather is warm, and there may be certain activities that you can only do in the winter.

Plenty of campgrounds keep certain hiking trails prepared for snow in the off-season and ready to use. So, as long as you’ve got thick socks, a pair of warm boots and maybe some snow shoes, you can still go out and enjoy a walk in nature. Other parks and sites will groom trails specifically for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, which can be in areas that aren’t as accessible in the summer, like on a lake.

Many ski hills have campgrounds adjacent to the hill, which is considerably more affordable than getting a hotel room or renting a condo—you might have to travel a little farther. Still, you’ll be able to return to your home on wheels and have a lovely, quiet, relaxing evening after a full day on the slopes.

If you’re ready for the adventure of RVing in the winter, there are a few things you’ll want to do beforehand.


What you need for winter RVing

First things first, you will need an RV that is a four-season model, not just a three-season one. A four-season RV will be able to withstand the below-freezing temperatures, but you can also do some work to further insulate your RV from the cold.

Putting plastic film over the RV windows will block the heat from getting out and is a relatively quick project. If you plan to be parked for a while, skirting around the RV’s bottom will keep the wind from blowing underneath the rig and protect it from getting chilly from the ground up. You can also lay down some thick rugs in the RV to add further insulation from the cold floors.

You’ll want to be prepared for any emergency when camping in the cold, so make sure you’ve got a good quality shovel in your rig, along with a portable heater, a good flashlight or lantern with extra batteries, some cat litter for traction in case you get stuck, and tire chains should any roads get too treacherous. You may also want an extra propane tank on hand just in case your regular one stops working in the middle of the night. It doesn’t hurt to carry dry firewood with you; you never know what will be available once you arrive, and it is better to be prepared.

When packing your bag, you’ll want a different assortment of clothes. Layers are your best friend when cold weather camping, so along with thick sweaters, bring moisture-wicking underclothes and thicker middle layers like fleece or wool sweaters. You’ll also need plenty of good warm socks, winter boots, hats, scarves, gloves, and a coat rated for the temperature predicted while on your trip.

Make it extra cozy within the RV with heavy blankets or sleeping bags, soft throw blankets, and flannel sheets. A warm, comfy interior will improve your winter RV experience.

If you’re ready to hit the road and do some cold-weather camping, we can help you prepare your rig to handle the winter chill. Whether you need more insulation or necessary equipment to make your winter getaway unforgettable, we can make it happen. Call today at 1-833-293-3402 or visit us in person!

We look forward to seeing you!

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