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The 5 Most Christmassy Cities in Canada.

Last updated: 10 October 2023

If you’re road tripping this holiday season and looking for the most decorated, shiny, festive, and bright Christmas cities to visit in Canada, you’re in luck! We’ve got the top 5 list of the most Christmassy Cities in Canada! It’s a hard list to build because almost everywhere in our beautiful country gets into the festive spirit. But these five go that extra step. Check them out below and maybe give them a visit this December . . .

1) Vancouver 

Without having to go too far from your favourite RV dealership (what do you mean who? Rosman RV!) you can always take a trip down to Vancouver. The city gets into the festive spirit with a remarkable amount of lights all over the place. The glowing landscape set against the backdrop of the surrounding snow capped mountains is truly something to behold and will have you singing Christmas Carols in no time. Be sure to check out Stanley Park featuring over one million Christmas lights!

2) Montreal 

Packed full of seasonal events, the city of Montreal is a place that takes Christmas seriously. And not just the city, but the entire community gets in on the action. While you likely won’t be walking snow-covered streets, you can enjoy the lights that adorn every street and storefront. There are even weekly firework shows throughout December in Old Montreal and be sure to check out Avenue McGill College! You’ll see why . . .

3) Niagara Falls  

Already a popular tourist destination thanks to the famous cascading falls, Niagara Falls is a great holiday destination in this most festive of seasons. Featuring nightly firework displays over the falls and an 8km trek through the Niagara Parks’ Winter Festival of Lights, there’s a lot to enjoy. Also, if you’re already missing Halloween and are a fan of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, be sure to check out the Nightmares Fear Factory, a festive haunted house and the oldest attraction of its kind in North America.

4) Ottawa 

If you’ve ever wanted to strap on a pair of skates and explore a city’s Christmas lights, now’s your chance! Aside from Parliament Hill being decorated to shine bright throughout Christmas, you can also explore the city via the frozen Rideau Canal. A particular highlight is the Byward Market which gets lit up like, well, Christmas. Thousands of lights illuminate the numerous market stalls and on weekends you can take a free horse-drawn wagon around the marketplace.

5) Toronto 

Brightly lit window displays, massive Christmas trees, numerous outdoor skating rinks, and so many seasonal markets that you won’t know which one to go to (go to them all!). Being Canada’s largest city, Toronto throws itself into the Christmas spirit with a 5-week long Christmas Market, flower shows, the Cavalcade of Lights, and Christmas at Casa Loma featuring lights set against a gothic background.

No matter where you head this Christmas, stay safe on the roads, and have a fantastic holiday season!


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