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The Reasons Your RV Needs A Bike Rack.

Last updated: 21 September 2023

What’s one of the best things about camping? It’s going back to a simpler way of living, it’s reconnecting with the outdoors, and

Which is why it’s so great to have your bicycle with you on your road trip. Why waste the gas when you can use pedal power to get around the area you’re camping in?

However, cramming more than one bike into your camper or RV is going to be a pain. This is where an RV bike rack comes in.

Types of Bike Racks

There are a few types of bike racks out there and which one will work for you will likely depend on what type of rig you have.

Ladder-Mounted Racks

These bike racks are usually for larger RVs or motorhomes that have a ladder already attached on the back. They hang the bikes vertically with the front tire closest to the ground.

Ladder-mounted racks are great for carrying a couple of lightweight bikes, but not so much if the whole family wants to bring their bike along. They also require removing the rack if you need to use the ladder.

Bumper-Mounted Racks

So long as the bumper is made of steel, four inch by four inch, and continuously welded, you can use a bumper-mounted rack. This makes them a bit more sturdy than a ladder mounted rack.

Depending on the type, these racks can carry two or more bikes and leave the ladder free to use on the back of the motorhome or RV.

Hitch-Mounted Racks

If you need to carry up to four bikes, this rack is the best option. It attaches to the trailer hitch most RVs and Motorhomes come equipped with and is the sturdiest choice.

These racks can come in two, three, or four-bike options, which is great when everyone wants to have their bike on the camping trip. And because most trailer hitches are the same size, you can mount this rack to your regular vehicle and use it when you’re not camping as well.

Locking Up Your RV Bike Rack

The rack is great for transporting your bike, but you’re also going to want to get a secure lock to keep your bikes safe.

Bike theft is usually a crime of opportunity, meaning thieves choose the path of least resistance when looking at targets. It’s much easier to just take a bike that’s been left unlocked than to try and break a lock to get at another bike.

Campsites often have people coming and going, so it can be hard to tell who is actually staying there and who is up to no good. As much as we’d like to trust our fellow campers, it’s better to lock up your bikes to the rack every night, just as you would your other vehicles.

You likely don’t need a heavy chain and giant padlock, but make sure the lock you get is sturdy and that you lock the bike to the rack, not just to the other bikes.

Other Uses for Your RV Bike Rack

Wondering what else you can use the bike rack for? Here’s a few ideas

Hang Clothes: Sometimes you get caught in a sudden rainstorm, sometimes the kids jump into a lake fully clothed. Use the bike rack as a place to hang your clothes to dry if your campsite doesn’t have on-site laundry.

Have a Caution Sign: Since it’s usually the back end of the RV that’s facing the road/path, the bike rack is a great place to hang a sign for other campers. Warning them about your dog can let anxious campers know to avoid your area, or let people know there’s a sleeping baby on the site so they stay quiet as they pass.

Looking for an RV?

If all this talk about RV gift ideas has you thinking RVing might be for you, visit or contact us! We’ll help you find the right RV for your needs at Vernon Recreational Products, so give us a call at 1-833-293-3402.

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